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You’ve been on the run from the bandit gang all night after escaping from their hideout, and while they scour the roads and search in town, you’ve taken to the woods. You’re a smart adventurer, after all--or at least one that is smart enough to still be alive.

Hiding in the underbrush and using your Ready-for-Battle Cape for warmth, you decide to wait the bandits out until you can sneak away with their loot. Of course, your plan doesn’t really account for the possibility of running into wild beasts.

Here’s hoping the wolves aren’t hungry.


This bestselling Ready-for-Battle Cape is an advanced semi-circular cape: short at the flanks, long at the back, and fitted with a hood with cotton-strap fastenings. This design combines ease of movement with the best degree of protection from the elements. Made from durable cotton, this cape is easily made water resistant with a treatment at home.

Capes make great accessories if you need to add layering to your character’s costume, as capes have become almost synonymous with medieval and fantasy clothing. Capes are also highly practical in limiting the impact of wind, rain or sun.

The Ready-for-Battle Cape is a classic cut and will be usable by any character in any game world, allowing freedom when customizing equipment for your characters.

Available Army, Black and Brown, and sizes 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.


Size 6-10 Years X Small / Small Medium / Large X Large / XX Large
Back Length 110cm 130cm 140cm 155cm
Front Length 90cm 110cm 120cm 135cm
Neck Width 30cm 30cm 30cm 33cm
Hood Depth 30cm 30cm 30cm 35cm
Hood Height 35cm 40cm 50cm 50cm


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Model Name Select Qty Price
CL10103RFB Cape/Cloak - Black - M/L
Order In£25.99
CL10104RFB Cape/Cloak - Black - XL/XXL
Order In£25.99
CL10102RFB Cape/Cloak - Black - XS/S
Order In£25.99
CL10106RFB Cape/Cloak - Brown - M/L
Order In£25.99
CL10107RFB Cape/Cloak - Brown - XL/XXL
Order In£25.99
CL10105RFB Cape/Cloak - Brown - XS/S
Order In£25.99
CL10100RFB Cape/Cloak - Dryad Green - M/L
Order In£25.99
CL10101RFB Cape/Cloak - Dryad Green - XL/XXL
Order In£25.99
CL10099RFB Cape/Cloak - Dryad Green - XS/S
Order In£25.99

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