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In the dark, late at night, around hushed taverns and only when men are deep into their drink are they brave enough to whisper your name. They tell stories of the terrors you have wrought upon the high seas. They speak of the dread that fills them when your Redbeard Boots alight upon the deck, death walking close behind you. The Caribbean trembles in your wake as you and your ship sail its stormy waters, creating a terrible new legend with every port you menace.


Epic Armoury’s Antique Boots Redbeard are weathered cavelier boots with ample material for a ruggish, ruffian look. These mid-calf boots have a large cuff below the knee characteristic of the cavelier style. Easily slide these boots onto your feet, no buckles or zipper required.

Made from synthetic leather and a rubber outsole, Epic Armoury’s Redbeard Boots also feature a thick padded lining in order to keep their shape. These are boots are designed to complete your fantasy or historic costume without breaking your budget. Epic Armoury’s boots are measured in European sizes.


UK Size EU Size Sole Length Sole Width Bootleg Height
5 38 27.8cm 9.6cm 50cm
6 39 28.4cm 9.9cm 52cm
7 41 29.5cm 10cm 54cm
8 42 30.2cm 10.5cm 54cm
9 43 31cm 10.6cm 56cm
10 45 32.3cm 10.9cm 56cm
11 46 33cm 11cm 56.5cm
12 47 33.5cm 11.2cm 56.5cm


Considered a type of cavalier style boot, popular in Europe between 1500-1700

Popular amongst sailors and pirates for their rain and spray protection