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Rackham Baldric - Brown


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The Rackham Baldric is a cross-body scabbard for carrying your Larp sword at the hip. This design has many interchangeable features that make this baldric ideal for any swashbuckling or melee based characters. The body strap is made from real, high-quality leather and fixed in place with a stylish silver-coloured buckle. The sword scabbard is made from a softer leather to ensure it moulds well around your blade and doesn't rub when the weapons is removed; this scabbard is then sewn to the end of the strap to avoid unnecessary attachments. You can still adjust the angle of the baldric because the joining piece of leather has a loop which can shifted up and down for the correct height or slipped over your waist belt for extra security. You can also unloop the belt from one side and reloop it on the other to create the option of right or left-handed use.




Hand made here at Larp Inn, UK.

This can be customised. If you are interested in having the item adjusted please get in contact with Harriett@LarpInn.co.uk.

Made from real, high-quality leather.


Circumference of Body Strap 55 - 61"
Thickness of Body Strap 4.5cm / 2"
Max Scabbard Width 10cm / 4"
Scabbard Length 19cm / 7"
Max Sword Circumference 16" / 7"