Reforged Hybrid - Spatha Sabre Sword - 42IN

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The Reforged Hybrid range are modified versions of the Epic Armouries Hybrid swords to pass general UK safety regulations.

The Epic Armoury Hybrid range are beautifully crafted swords. They have a blade design that is renowned for reliability and safety over repeated use. The unique feature of these weapons is the handle design - cast in a polyurethane foam they are more detailed and intricate than can be achieved in traditional foam and latex.

Unfortunately, the Polyurethane handle on the standard Epic Armoury Hybrid Weapon is much denser and the pommel is often too hard to pass UK Weapons Check. Lorien Trust Weapon and Armour Construction Guidelines state that a weapon has to have ‘[a] minimum of 0.5”/12mm thick foam, fixed securely to the core.’

Here at Larp Inn, we've replaced the Polyurethane pommel with a soft foam to ensure both blade and pommel safety, whilst maintaining the beautiful craftmanship on the detailed handle.

Please Note: These are hand-crafted weapons and their is likely to be small variations in colouration.

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