Pourpoint Godfrey - Epic Black

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Your morning routine is an essential to keeping yourself disciplined and fit. You wake early for sword drills, and before the sun is fully over the horizon you are eating breakfast and washing up for the day.

You secure your hose leggings to your Pourpoint, a rich coloured doublet that is the height of fashion. None shall doubt your ability or how good looking a knight you truly are.


Epic Armoury’s Dark Brown Pourpoint is a form-fitting long-sleeve coat covering the torso from the neck to the hips. It can be worn on its own or serve as padding under mail or armour. The pourpoint is donned like a jacket and secured along the front, sides and back with cotton cords, allowing you to customize the tightness of the fit. The arms are easily detachable by untying its cotton cords on the shoulders, each cord secured through long-lasting brass eyelets. Worn like a proper knight, you may attach hose and a leg harness to the four eyelets on the bottom front hem.

Thick enough to serve as its own armour, this durable doublet is constructed with layers of heavy black cotton. The Pourpoint is stitched together in vertical and diagonal lines, keeping the padding in place and giving the body a strong form-fitted appearance.

Available in colours Epic Black and Azure Green; and sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


  • Quilted armours have been around since at least 400 BCE
  • Used as padding under chainmail or plate armour
  • This particular style is inspired by 14th century doublets
  • Eyelets at the bottom hem are designed to be used to keep up hose

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