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Pirate Baldrick in Black


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The Pirate City be dangerous, even when minding your own business in the corner o’ a tavern. Despite the Pirate’s Code, you be surrounded by cutthroats, scoundrels, and buccaneers alike.


Hangin’ from your shoulders and against your hip, your Pirate Baldric keeps your saber at the ready just in case things should turn ugly. But you be feelin’ lucky. The baldric’s leather be the finest quality you’ve ever owned. To all the would-be troublemakers, it’s a sure sign that you’re skilled enough to steal from the best...and if they’re smart, they’ll leave you to your ale.




Epic Armoury’s Pirate Baldric offers more support than a standard waist belt as a way to carry your weapons. Using embossed full-grain leather, this baldric is durable and attractive. The belt strap is secured using a brass buckle painted to look weathered, while the scabbard is adjusted using leather belts and can be switched to either the right-hand or left-hand side. Almost any outfit will benefit from this authentic looking weapon holder, and at only 38.8 oz., it won’t burden your kit with unnecessary weight!


Available in Brown and Black. One size fits all.


Weight 1091g
Frog Length 28cm
Frog Min Width 3cm
Frog Max Width 10cm
Strap Width 7cm
Strap Length 115cm