Norman Wolf Shield - 46IN - LARP

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Hunting with the Pack


Epic Armoury’s White Wolf Norman Shield is an leaf-shaped shield inspired by Norman soldiers of the early 11th century, used during the Norman conquest of England. Also called a kite shield, this 115cm long shield is rounded at the top and narrows toward the bottom, perfect for mounted cavalry or field soldiers alike. This Live Action Role Play (LARP) safe shield is carved from EVA foam and coated in a layer of durable latex, and is designed to look like slats of true wood. A shield boss is attached to the front, as would have been common during the time of the First Crusade.


The Norman Shield has been hand painted white with a tribal red wolf design, faded and aged for the battlefield. Strap this shield onto your left or right arm thanks to the six adjustable, leather enarmes on the back. This is a great alternative to a punch grip, specifically used to compensate for the kite shield’s unique shape. Keep your shield in great condition with regular latex maintenance.


Weight 1912g
Length 115cm
Width 58cm
Grip Length 37cm
Grip Width 37cm


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