Norman Nasal Helmet

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There are stories being told about you amongst the people. You are the viking who has slain over a thousand men. You put fear in your enemies with just a glance. Your aura of darkness freezes the hearts of anyone who looks you in the eye. And your favorite? Someone is saying you made a deal with a devil so that you may never die.

You will never tell them which might be true. Instead, as you sit in camp and wash the blood from your Norman Nasal Helmet, you simply listen...and smirk.


Epic Armoury’s Norman Nasal Helmet is a conical skull cap offering basic protection to the head and face. Inspired by the historical helmets worn during the majority of the middle ages, the Norman Nasal Helmet features a decorated nasal plate which runs from the forehead down over the bridge of the wearer’s nose. A ridge runs along the cap to give the helmet additional reinforcement while on the battlefield.

Secure the Norman Nasal Helmet by tightening the leather strap beneath the chin, keeping the helmet in place. Made of 1 mm thick mild steel and top-grain leather straps and fittings, this armour piece is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.

Available in sizes Medium and Large.


  • Type of helmet was worn during most of the middle ages
  • Nasal helmets would evolve into the great helm
  • Metal strip along the nose was designed to protect the face
  • Typically worn with a mail coif to protect the neck and cheeks


Size M L
Weight 1.1kgs 1.7kgs
Full Height 25cms 29cms
Width 19cms 21cms
Crown Height 17cms 19cms
Depth 23cms 24cms
Inside Circumference 60cms 65cms


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