Nimue Gambeson Collar Neck Piece - Fur Lining - Red

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Are you always getting a cold neck? Perhaps your shoulders need to be larger? Do you have a series of Vampire bites that you don't want your fellow party members to notice? Are you afraid of strangulation?


Well this is the product for you! The Nimue Gambeson Collar Neck Piece - Fur Lining is primarily for protecting your neck whilst wearing spaulders, shoulder armour or a gauget. It can also offer added protection and comfort for wearing chainmail coifs, or help reduce the weight of full body chainmail.


This item comes in one size and is adjusted with a series of eyelets and a small tie.




Material: 70% Wool, 20% Polyester, 10% Viscose
Length: 30cm
Width (back): 44cm

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