Nero Roman Sling Baldric

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The Nero Sling Baldric is a handmade sword scabbard that hangs from a leather shoulder strap and rests at the hip to hold your Larp weapon straight down. Designed to represent the traditional Roman balteus, this weapon holder is great for mobility and allows you to move around in costume without jabbing unexpeced patrons in the tavern. This holster works particulalry well with those heavy-handled Larp and Cosplay swords which can prove difficult to scabbard. The soft fleece lining and rolled leather edges are made to ensure maximum protection for the latex coating on weapons.




Hand made here at Larp Inn, UK.

Fleece lined.


Maximum Blade Width 6.5cm
Scabbard Length 20cm
Minimum Shoulder Strap Length 150cm
Maximum Shoulder Strap Length 160cm


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