Leather Brigandine - Brown

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You look upon your leading officer as he makes his way down the line of your fellow soldiers. Your fate and the fate of your entire unit is dependent on this veteran’s word, and you find yourself relieved not to shoulder such a heavy burden.

“We must fight!” your officer shouts for all to hear. You adjust your Leather Brigandine, double checking the buckles as you listen to him continue. “For our homes and for our families, we will fight until we can fight no more!” With a resounding cheer, your fellow soldiers ready themselves for the charge. You withdraw your weapon, eager and afraid all at once.

The battle has begun.


Epic Armoury's Leather Brigandine is leather armour reinforced with heavy leather plates designed to protect the entire torso, upper thighs and groin. Made from full-grain leather and brass rivets, this menacing waistcoat is both lightweight and durable. Secure this brigandine with five heavy leather straps and brass buckles down the front, further adjustable by tightening leather cords along the flanks between the armpit and midthigh.

The Leather Brigandine is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury armours, and its distinctive but low-fantasy style allow it to be used across games and characters. With the proper leather care, you can expect this armour to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment for a long time!

Available in Black and Brown; and in sizes Small/Medium and Large/X-Large.


  • Worn over a gambeson or coat of chainmail by soldiers ranging from archers to knights
  • Came into wide use during the 1400s, but this particular style was more popular in the 16th century
  • Provided more mobility, but less protection than plate armour


Size S / M L / XL XX / XXXL
Weight 2400g 2500g 3353g
Back Length 100cms 110cms 120cms
Front Length 100cms 110cms 120cms
Neck Width 20cms 20cms 20cms
Chest Width 50cms 60cms 70cms
Waist Width 42cms 54cms 62cms
Armhole Width 24cms 24cms 24cms
Back Chest Width 50cms 60cms 70cms
Back Waist Width 42cms 54cms 62cms
Shoulder Width 36cms 36cms 36cms


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