LarpCon 2020

By Harriett Blakeman

LarpCon is a diverse event held at the Hermitage Leisure Centre; catering for LARP, Steampunk and Cosplay enthusiasts, and growing every year. The weekend boasts a whole range of activities to get involved with as well as an extensive Kit Fair. We’ll be trading at the Kit Fair and attending the Larp Awards on Saturday evening.

Where to find us…

Larp Inn can be found at the far end of the main hall and near the food hatch. Come say 'Hi' and we'll help you with anything you need or dish out abuse as is your want....

What we’re bringing…


All our latex weapons, scabbards, a selection of replica guns and arrows.


Many, many pouches, bags, quivers and belts.

A selection of armour, including our new range of hand painted bracers and greaves.

The essential prosthetics, face paint and application-based equipment.

Clothing; this year we have chosen a selection of ‘Larp Inn tested and approved’ clothing items to be our main brands.

The usual Magic the Gathering Cards, small board games, smutty card games, dice and tit-bits.


If you’re looking for anything specific please let us know in advance.


The Larp Awards 2020


Once again we'll be attending the Larp Awards this year to show our appreciation for all of the wonderful contributors to the Larp community

Below is a list of the 2019 nominations, 2020 categories to be announced in the near future.




Award for Accessibility in Larp

International Larp of the Year

Larp Venue of the Year

Small Larp of the Year - Less than 30 Players

Medium Larp of the Year - 30 - 100 Players

Large Larp of the Year - More than 100 Players

Family Event of the Year

Player Run or Sanctioned Event of the Year

Club System of the Year

Grassroots System of the Year

New Larp of the Year

Larp Producer of the Year - Foam/Latex

Larp Producer of the Year - Leather

Larp Producer of the Year – Costume

Larp Caterer of the Year

Creature Costume of the Year

On-line Retailer of the Year

In-field Retailer of the Year

Player of the Year

Bard of the Year

NPC of the Year

Event Crew Member of the Year

Mainstream Event of the Year - For things that aren’t actually Larp

Unsung Hero Award

Life Time Achievement

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This article was published on Tuesday 06 February, 2018.