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Isabell Skirt - LARP

  • Our two-toned skirt "Isabell"
  • Closed with a tiestring, which can be worn either in the front,the back or on the side.
  • The skirt is made from heavy-duty canvas and has a wide cut due to the gussets sewn in.
  • material: Canvas
  • Length: up to 91cm (depending on size)
  • Width: up to 54cm (depending on size)
  • Sizes: from S to XL

Read about clothing and fabric maintentence HERE

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Code Name Select Availability Price
CL3701Isabell Canvas skirt black/cream L
Order In£30.00
CL3702Isabell Canvas skirt black/cream M
Order In£30.00
CL3703Isabell Canvas skirt black/cream S
Order In£30.00
CL3704Isabell Canvas skirt black/cream XL
Order In£30.00
CL3693Isabell Canvas skirt green/cream L
1 in stock£30.00
CL3694Isabell Canvas skirt green/cream M
Order In£30.00
CL3695Isabell Canvas skirt green/cream S
Order In£30.00
CL3696Isabell Canvas skirt green/cream XL
Order In£30.00
CL3697Isabell Canvas skirt red/black L
Order In£30.00
CL3698Isabell Canvas skirt red/black M
Order In£30.00
CL3699Isabell Canvas skirt red/black S
Order In£30.00
CL3700Isabell Canvas skirt red/black XL
Order In£30.00

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