Imperial Gambeson - Black

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There are stories being told about you amongst the soldiers. You are the mercenary who has slain over a thousand men. You put fear in your enemies with one sweep of your weapon. Your aura of darkness freezes the hearts of anyone who looks you in the eye. And your favorite? Someone is saying you made a deal with a devil so that you may never die.


You strap your armour over your Imperial Gambeson, preparing for battle. You will never tell them which stories might be true, but they can see for themselves your battle prowess once you step onto the field and dominate once more.




This bestselling Epic Armoury Imperial Gambeson is a padded long-sleeve coat covering the torso from neck, down over the hips on front and back. It can be worn on its own or serve as essential padding under mail or armour. The gambeson is donned like a jacket and closed on the front with a system of cotton cords, allowing the wearer to customize the tightness of the fit. The arms are easily detachable by untying its cotton cords on the shoulders and sleeves, each cord secured through long-lasting brass eyelets.


Thick enough to serve as its own armour, this sturdy gambeson is constructed with heavy layers of fluffed cotton canvas sandwiched between dyed wool on the outside and softer cotton lining on the inside. All these layers are stitched together in vertical lines, keeping the padding in place and mimicking a classic European high-medieval style.


Though of European cut, gambeson or quilted-style armours have seen world-wide use since antediluvian times, making the Imperial Gambeson a great basic armour with a range of possibilities regardless of time and place.


Available in Beige and Epic Black, and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.




Sizes Small Medium Large X Large
Weight 1.2kg 1.3kg 1.4kg 1.6kg
Length 63.5cm 70cm 72cm 74.5cm
Neck Width 19cm 20cm 20cm 21cm
Chest Width 46.5cm 51cm 56.5cm 62.5cm
Waist Width 41cm 45.5cm 51cm 57.5cm
Sleeve Width 16.5cm 17cm 17.5cm 18cm
Sleeve Length 64cm 66cm 67cm 67.5cm


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