Gyda Female Leather Armour - Black

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Dawn is still an hour away, the sky still a deep blue as you don your Female Leather Armour and head out to the training grounds. You are a warrior and a loyal soldier, and you take your role seriously. Before the sun rises you will have practiced your sword strikes one thousand times.

Your muscles are perfected with the ingrained memory of those strikes. Your dedicated training makes combat as easy as breathing, and you look forward to testing your skills once more on the battlefield.


Epic Armoury’s Female Leather Armour is a leather cuirass designed to protect the female torso while also providing great flexibility. The upper chestplate, shaped to the female body, is made from sturdy full-grain leather and covers the shoulder, chest, and under the arms. Soft split-leather covers the abdomen and back to allow great mobility, embellished with a squared stitching pattern and a scalloped edge along the top. A stiff full-grain leather flange is stitched to the lower edge to help turn blows away from the hips.

Wear the Female Leather Armour by adjusting the leather cords along the flanks and front opening, and the leather straps along the shoulders. This armour is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury leather and metal armour pieces. While designed to fit an Imperial setting, the style will also match a broad range of worlds and characters, allowing you the freedom to create your own unique style.

Available in colours Black, Brown/Red and Dark Brown/Red; and sizes Small, Medium and Large.


  • Historically looked down upon as a form of armour, as metal was preferred
  • Finely crafted leather cuirasses were often worn by high-ranking officers and officials, including several Roman Emperors


Size S M L
Weight 950g 1200g 1400g
Back Length 35cms 37cms 42cms
Front Length 37cms 40cms 45cms
Neck Width 19cms 21cms 22cms
Chest Width 44cms 46cms 51cms
Waist Width 42cms 42cms 46cms
Armhole Width 22cms 25cms 26cms
Back Chest Width 39cms 42cms 48cms
Back Waist Width 35cms 36cms 41cms
Shoulder Width 32cms 32cms 34cms

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