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Larp Inn's packs of x10 Gaming Token / Small Miniature Bases are versatile acrylic disks that are a handy tool to have on hand at all gaming tables. The semi-transparent plastic is ideal for using on battlemaps indicating traps, spell effects, obstacles and other features of the terrain. These tokens are fantastic for replacing or upgrading many of the pieces in existing board games .


For crafters and miniature painters, each disk is 22mm in width making them ideal for bases on smaller miniatures and terrain features. These tokens are particularly useful for stacking on 25mm bases to give extra height or layers to miniature bases.




Made here at Larp Inn, UK.

22mm Wide x 3mm Deep

Available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black & Purple.

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GM11328Gaming Tokens / Small Miniature Bases - Black
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GM11326Gaming Tokens / Small Miniature Bases - Blue
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GM11327Gaming Tokens / Small Miniature Bases - Green
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GM11324Gaming Tokens / Small Miniature Bases - Orange
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GM11325Gaming Tokens / Small Miniature Bases - Red
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