Franciscan Axe - 10in - Coreless LARP Throwing Axe

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The forest is serene this morning as you head out along the trails. Birds are singing and the weather is crisp, perfect for working without breaking too much of a sweat. But as you approach the dead tree you’d marked the day before, you believe you hear something in the underbrush.


Your calloused, strong hand wraps around the handle of your Franciscan Axe. The edge is freshly sharpened, and you’re ready to defend yourself from any beast that you might find--relieved as a neighbor’s dog comes bounding out from a bush, instead.


Back to work.




This bestselling Epic Armoury Fransiscan Axe is a coreless latex throwing weapon inspired by the throwing axes of the early migration period. The fearsome Frankish tribesmen were known for breaking the lines of the Roman legions by throwing these heavy-headed axes, splitting the legionaries’ shields to devastating effect. Epic Armoury’s version has a heavy one-edged blade shaped to look like a mundane garden-variety splitting axe. The wood-grain decorated handle is curved, allowing a better throwing grip.


Made from durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


Weight 30g
Length 27cm
Grip Length 21cm
Head Length 12.5cm
Head Height 9cm
Handle Circumference 10cm


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