Fiberglass Weapon Core - Dagger - 38cm

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Our collection of fiberglass rods are perfect for anyone who wants to get started making their own weapons. Each core is cut to a convenient length for the typical dagger, one-handed or two-handed weapon. These rods are constructed from unidirectional glass fiber polyester, meaning they have a smooth outer surface and comply with the general safety expectations in Larp weapon craft.


If you want to get started making weapons we highly recommend using our pre-cut fiberglass weapon cores but properly research all of the construction guidelines set out by Larp system you attend to ensure optimal safety.


PLEASE NOTE: Fiberglass can be dangerous. Although these rods are finished with a smooth outer layer, fiberglass splinters and dust are common factors when handling the rods. We advise always wearing gloves and protective clothing when using glass fiber. Furthermore, if you are planning on cutting the rods in any way you must wear suitable eye protection and breathing apparatus to avoid inhalation of fiberglass dust.




Length 38cm
Thickness 1cm


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