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Epic Effect Buck Horns


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When the forest is tranquil, you are also at peace. As a spirit of the forest, it talks to you on a deeper level than any audible speech could manage, and you have the sudden sense that a trespasser has crossed into your territory.


You find the human ranger hunting in your forest, an invader with the intention of killing. To aid him or hinder him? You have yet to make up your mind when he spots you--Buck Horns and all--and takes aim with his bow.


You are starting to feel much less forgiving.




Epic Armoury’s Buck Horns contains two latex-prosthetic horns sculpted to look like a young Kalbion goat’s horns. Buck Horns are 8 cm long with pointed ends, textured and coloured to look like realistic horns. The large contact-surfaces makes it easy to fasten and keep the horns attached for sustained periods of time. Application is easy using Epic Effect Prosthetic Power Glue, Mastix Spirit Gum or other prosthetic adhesive.


These Buck Horns can easily be painted to match the style you desire using Epic Effects Make-Ups.


Epic Effect latex prosthetics are fantasy make up appliances of our own design especially for the LARP market but they're great for cosplay, theatre and halloween too.


100% Natural latex


Length 5cm
Height 8cm
Width 2.5cm




After use, remove latex prosthetics carefully, and rinse all mastix glue, wax and make up off the item. Store latex prosthetics in a dark and cool place.




- Try on the prosthetic first and find out how it fits you best. Then use nail scissors to trim the prosthetic to make a cleaner transitions as required.

- Apply a thin coat of spirit gum to your own skin, especially to the edges of where the prosthetic will meet you skin.

- Remove the excess spirit gum with a cotton bud and then blot the gluing surface until threads form.

- Cover your skin with the latex prosthetics and firmly press the latex on for a few moments. (Patches of shiny excess spirit gum can be wiped away with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol.)

- To remove the prosthetics, moisten the edges with Mastic Remover or some rubbing alcohol and pull it off.

- Now blend in the edges with make-up.