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Elven Bag - Black/Red


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It is a perfect afternoon for a walk through the forest, the sun dappled and twinkling on the path as a peaceful breeze dances through the trees. You are gathering herbs for a medicinal potion to cure a young elf’s fever.


As you find the sponge-like moss beneath an ancient tree, you harvest a small handful and place it into your Elven Bag. A few more ingredients and you can return to your village to save your kindred.




Epic Armoury’s Elven Bag is a beautifully crafted accessory designed to hang from the bet. Shaped like a pocket and decorated with carvings, this bag has a lithe and elegant appearance. A softer leather is stitched along the sides, allowing the bag to be expanded as necessary. Close this bag by securing its leather cord loop around its small bar of horn. Hang the bag from your belt using the belt hanger on the back.


The Elven Bag is made from dyed split-leather and is stitched around the edges to ensure a product that will withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment. The bag is designed to be elven, but is compatible with other Epic Armoury items and great for any character who need to add elegance or class to their costume.


Available in Brown, Black/Red, Black/Green, and Black/Black.


This bag may, but is not guaranteed, to make you feel more elven in nature; i.e. your ears will grow long, you will gain unnaturally good skills with a bow and your hair will become luscious.




Bag Weight 160g
Length 15.5cm
Width 6cm
Height 21.5cm