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Dwarven Greathammer - 60IN - LARP


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You are the sort of dwarf that people talk about when describing the dwarven pinnacle of perfection. You’ve worked in a mineshaft that generations of your family have worked in before you, and it’s a good living you can be proud of.


One day while you are hard at your work, kobolds attack. This isn’t something you will stand for, so you plan to teach them kobolds a lesson. Using your Dwarven Greathammer, you bear down upon the attacking pests in great sweeping strikes.




Epic Armoury’s Dwarven Greathammer is a 150 cm latex hammer uniquely designed to be safer and easier to wield in combat. The Dwarven Greathammer’s head is symmetrical, reaching 45 cm across the top and 34 cm along the bottom with two 21 cm long faces designed to deliver a fatal blow to your enemies. The head is hollow, making it safer to use and more lightweight than a foam alternative. Sculpted and hand painted to look like dwarven forged metal, the head is attached to a similarly decorated haft and a 50 cm black or brown leather wrapped grip.


The haft is made from durable closed cell foam around a 15mm fibreglass pipe and finished with a strong latex coating. The head is made of strong, flexible latex with an interior foam rod to maintain its shape and keep the head attached to the haft. With regular latex maintenance you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will be both safe and impressive at your game.


Weight 1520grams
Length 152cms
Grip Length 50cms
Head Length 42cms
Head Height 18cms
Head Width 18cms
Handle Circumference 13cms