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DIY Larp Weapon - Foam on Glassfiber Core - 42in


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This Epic Armoury Foam on Glassfiber Core is one of our DIY products used to create your own Live Action Role Playing weapon, while still benefiting from the safety of an Epic Armoury blade. The glass-fibre core is 110 cm long and is strong, flexible and fitted with our Kevlar Tip protection to prevent potential accidents. A foam block is securely fastened around the core, leaving a gap at the end of the core for the handle. The block is made from closed-celled foam that feels soft, light and durable.


Directions for use:


There are multiple methods to creating a LARP weapon, but here are the basics! Carve the foam block into your desired weapon shape. Remember to leave a safe amount of foam around the core in order to preserve its safety! When the shape you desire is achieved, dip the weapon into latex and allow it to dry between layers for a smooth, protective surface.


Coat your latex equipment with a thin layer of silicone to prevent the surface from drying out, and to prolong the lifespan of your weapon. Always check your weapon for damage before and after each use. Wrap the handle with leather or cloth for a finished look.


Available in 75cm, 85cm, 110cm, 140cm, and 180cm lengths.


Weight 180g
Length 110cm
Grip Length 30cm
Blade Length 80cm
Blade Width 6cm