Dark Elven Long Blade LARP Sword - 43in

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The underdark is your domain. In the pitch blackness, the smell of damp earth all around, you wait with your raiding party. When night falls on the lands above, you will emerge.


The sun-lovers have come to fear you and the silence in which you strike. With your leather gear and Dark Elven Long Blade, you are able to maneuver in the shadows until your target is exactly where you want him. You are formidable. You are the assassin.




This bestselling Epic Armoury Dark Elven Long Blade is the longest sword available in Epic Armoury's Dark Elf series. It is 100 cm long with a 85 cm gently curved blade, coloured like bleached bone. The handguard is an imitation of the blade, covering the hilt from blade to claw-like pommel with a design reminiscent of a light sabre. The Dark Elven Long Blade has a 17 cm long, oval shaped handle wrapped in split-leather to give you maximal grip and control.


The blade has a dark, vicious feel that will fit almost any dark lord or lady, and it will make an excellent weapon whether your style is that of a dark elven corsair or a very vocal banshee. Made from durable closed cell foam around a solid fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


Weight 340g
Length 110cm
Grip Length 16cm
Blade Length 83cm
Blade Width 7.5cm
Crossguard Width 12.5cm
Guard Depth 5cm
Handle Circumference 9cm


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