Coat of Arms - Chess Tabard/Tunic

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The Coat of Arms Tabard/Tunic can be used in a host of different ways. A tabard is a type of short coat that was commonly worn by men during the late Middle Ages and early modern period in Europe. This tabard is perfect for both mid and top layer wear, bringing together the finishing touches of your costume.

The Coat of Arms Tabard/Tunics are all one size fits all. They have a width of 65cm; so a chest circumference of around 130cm / 51" but the tabard is open on both sides to ensure that it can be pulled in tighter for smaller builds or easily fit on someone with a large body size. The model in the photos is 6'2" and has a 46" chest.




Dual Colour Knights Tunic or Tabard in Chess Pattern

One size fits all

Open at the sides

100% cotton


Machine wash at 30°C / 104°F. Please make sure to wash it with colour catching precautions because this product is likely to release dye, It is advised to wash with similar coloured clothes to reduce the risk of dye imprint.