Clothing Care Guidelines

We sell a great variety of clothing products at LARP Inn, in all colours and shapes, so here are a few basic guidelines on caring for the.


Always check the label. Never wash clothing at a higher temperature than advised. We would strongly recommend washing clothing at 10° lower than advised and using Dylon Colour Catcher sheets; our fabrics leech a lot of dye. Never mix different coloured clothing to avoid staining. If you are washing items with different coloured fabrics (especially black and white) you should use multiple Colour Catcher sheets. Continue using the sheets until you wash the item and the Colour Catcher comes out clean.


Always check the label. Many of our clothing items cannot be put in a dryer. On items that can be put in the dryer, you should dry them on a low temperature.

Leather or Fur

Clothing that contains Leather or Fur cannot be machine washed. To clean Leather products see our Leather Maintenance guide here.

This article was published on Wednesday 22 November, 2017.