Barbed Wire Baseball Bat - Brown - 32in

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We Are All Negan...


Dark Moon’s Wood Barbed Wire Bat is a foam baseball bat that has been given a rather formidable upgrade. Designed to look like a wooden bat with barbed wire wrapped around its end, this is the ultimate weapon for a post-apocalyptic fighter. Whether you’re instilling fear in the hearts of your minions, or taking out hordes of zombies, ol’ Lucille has got your back.


This 80 cm long Barbed Wire Bat has a 17 cm handle wrapped in soft brown split-leather, and also features the typical baseball bat knob at the end. The rest of the bat is hand painted like wood grain with faded colouring, with metallic strands of wire and flexible barbs around the end.


Made from durable closed cell foam around a 10 mm solid fibreglass rod and finished with a strong latex coating, this bat will be a great addition at your next Live Action Role Play (LARP) game or Negan cosplay.


Weight 334g
Length 80cm
Grip Length 17cm
Head Height 52cm
Head Width 8cm
Handle Circumference 12cm

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