Arthur Gambeson Tassets - Black

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The Arthur Gambeson line is a very adjustable and modular padded armour set. These are perfect for protection under plate armour and chainmail. The gambeson has around 2cm thickness of polyester padding sewn into a diamond pattern; this pattern ensures the gambeson is still moveable.


1 set of tassetts - vest & arms available separately.


Modular Gambeson Design


Use individually or mix and match parts from the Arthur Gambeson range to get the perfect set - Check out the rest of our Arthur Gambeson Products




Sizing Small Medium Large X Large
Length 30cm 32cm 34cm 36cm
Circumference 116cm 116cm (We haven't measured this yet) 135cm
Closed Width 57cm 57cm (We haven't measured this yet) 66cm


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AR6417Arthur Gambeson Tassets - Black - L
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AR6415Arthur Gambeson Tassets - Black - S
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AR6418Arthur Gambeson Tassets - Black - XL
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AR6419Arthur Gambeson Tassets - Black - XXL
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