Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black

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The Arthur Gambeson line is a very adjustable and modular padded armour set. These are perfect for protection under plate armour and chainmail. The gambeson has around 2cm thickness of polyester padding sewn into a diamond pattern; this pattern ensures the gambeson is still moveable.

1 pair of sleeves supplied - vest & tassets available separately.


Size Length Circumference Top Circumference Bottom
S 58cm 44cm 32cm
M 59cm 46cm 34cm
L 62cm 46cm 36cm
XL 64cm 48cm 38cm
XXL 64cm 56cm 44cm

Modular Gambeson Design

Use individually or mix and match parts from the Arthur Gambeson range to get the perfect set - Check out the rest of our Arthur Gambeson Products

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AR6413Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black - L
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AR6412Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black - M
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AR6411Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black - S
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AR6414Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black - XL
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AR6784Arthur Gambeson Arms - Black - XXL
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