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Ajax Leather Body Armour - Brown


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The Ajax armour collection is a set of flexible leather and suede armour that works with a large number of costumes and is extremely affordable. This armour is made from rough leather plates rivetted together to provide a mercenary look. The Ajax set is one size fits all with lots of areas to adjust for a better fit. The segmentation of the Ajax armour also makes it a good starting point for many larpers.




This set includes JUST the Ajax Body Armour.

Soft Leather bottom layer with Rigid leather top layers.

See the rest of the Ajax set.

Available in Black and Brown.




Chest Circumference 105 - 120cm
Length 53cm
Shoulder Width 43cm
Arm Length 26cm


System Rules:


Lorien Trust - Medium Armour (Armour Value of 2)

Curious Pastimes - Medium Amour (2 points of protection)

Profound Decisions - Medium Armour (Provides 3 extra hits only)